Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jaxson is a Big Boy Now!

Welcome to the land of My 2 year old can sleep in a big boy bed but can also get out of it. 5 am like clockwork Chris and I hear "DAD" "DAD" "DAD" repeatedly till Aiden wakes up, opens the door to our room and says "Jaxson is up" almost like he is saying "he is up you deal with him!" It is quite commical when it isn't 5 in the morrning. They are sharing a room now and I think that I did a very good job in making everything fit! We even got a spare bed out of it! When I get my camera back from my dear husband I will take a picture and post it. Now to just get their room painted and I can call their room done.

Time is almost up....

I know, I know I don't have the rest of Octobers pictures up. Soon I promise! There has been lots of activity in the Groby house and not fun activity either.

Do you ever wonder if you are doing what you are supposed to do? Am I supposed to be working or be a stay at home mom? Should I be working part time or not? I know God helps those who help themselves but what if think you are helping but you are really hindering? I think it helps to write down pro's and cons.

Pro to working: Money
Con: Needing/Spending Money

Pro: Time away from Kids/Family
Con: Same

Pro: Using my degree
Con: My degree isn't good enough

I am toying with the idea to go back to school. Finish my cert and start teaching. Bettering myself but not reaping the rewards for 2 years. I wish the State had a better system in place to help families that are helping themselves but could use a boost. Maybe I can become a political activist. Now that is funny! I could argue all day and get paid for it! Please keep all comments to your self on that one :) Someone should just tell me what to do. The advise that my employer gave me is to do what is good for my family! Well all fine and dandy my family could use me at home and can use the money that you pay me. That sounds good!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


This started off our October...a trip to the Kangaroo Zoo in Arlington! It was a blast we took Rob and got to pet and hold Kangarroo's, see Oreo a min horse who "like to eat children" , we got to kiss Llamas and enjoy time with our friends! It was a blast!

We then had my 10 year reunion! Have I really been out of High School that long? So Cody and I got all dolled up and went. It wasn't as bad as we thought so that made it worth while. But before that we went to Maris Farms! This is becoming a family tradition for us! The kids love it because there is so much to do! There is the cow train, the hay ride, the corn room, a whole toddler/pre school area that has activities and face painting, oh and you can pick pumpkins. It really is a great time.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Should I or Shouldn't I

Job hunting sucks! It was hard enough to be replaced, kind of, with out knowing you were being replaced. I am a snotty person and I know that. I am trying very hard to be nice because it wasn't her fault but I just feel like saying "do you see what is going on? This is exactly what I did to the last girl and didn't know it." I knew it would happen sooner or later. I knew that this wasn't the place that I wanted to be.

I want desperatly to be a Stay at Home Mom again. I would give up everything, sell our house, go back to living in an apartment just to feel like I was worth something. I need to feel fullfilled.

What to do what to do. Is it possibly to be happy with out being happy?

Saturday, November 1, 2008


It is the day after Halloween I have caught up to October but I am exhausted. The kids have destroyed the house yet again. I will do October in the next few days since I am so tired. It was a late night but it was fun. Too bad the kids didn't sleep in! We were up at our usual 6:30 so I guess that is kinda sleeping in.


September was Chelsea's and Papa Tuttle's Bithdays! We watched Chel skydive and had a BBQ then later that month went to Papa Tuttle's house to celebrate his birthday. We had a few playdates with friends, went to the library for story time, and went on a few bike rides. Aiden and Dad went a Mariners Game! They had lots of fun and ate ton's of junk food. Mom and Dad got a date night and went to see The Phantom of the Opera, we had a great time!


August had many adventures starting with Jaxson's first professional hair cut! He was a little worried but big brother asured him that it was ok and he came out really cute! We went on out first blueberry picking adventure then played at the water park. We had lots of goofing off time at home and then for Mom's bithday we had a Family BBQ with all of our friends! We had games to play and food to eat. It was a great birthday!